A New Kitchen Model Mixing Wood, Copper + Zinc

A New Kitchen Model Mixing Wood, Copper + Zinc

Danish brand Garde Hvalsøe creates kitchen and interior solutions that celebrate craftsmanship and timeless Danish design. Their latest is Framed, a new kitchen model that feels like a piece of custom furniture with its solid ash wood frame and contrasting surface material in patinated copper or zinc. Besides wrapping the sides and countertop, either copper or zinc are also used to frame the wooden drawers making them look as if they were floating.

The contrasting materials give nod to traditional copper and zinc kitchenware while drawing attention to the natural grain of the wood. The Framed model, which is available with two or three drawers in height, rests upon matching wooden legs adding to its furniture-like appearance.

The gaps between the drawers give fingers access to reach in and open them. Recessed partitions between the drawers makes it possible for the wood grain patterns to match up by requiring minimal space.

Whether patinated copper or zinc are chosen, both require little maintenance along the way and will age beautifully as time passes.

Photos by Heidi Lerkenfeldt and Pernille Vest.

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