Month: February 2022

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Purple is unquestionably not an typically used colour in residence décor, which suggests when you go for it, your area will stand out, isn’t it an excellent motivation to rock it? Today I’m providing some ideas to include purple into kitchen décor to make it tremendous cool and very stunning in any style that you’ve chosen. Dividing or partitioning distinctive crockery unit design is a design that can assist in separating the kitchen and eating space in an open area. A wall or permanent fixture can block the whole space, whereas this unit has room for a more open design. I even have several game-changing new features integrated into my island cabinetry (including a built-in toekick vacuum!) which have made working within the kitchen a lot simpler and more environment friendly. Having so many drawers instead of typical base cupboards with doors has made a world of difference!

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Well, today it’s easy to find a clock that goes nicely with your front room however not that easy to search out the one which goes nicely along with your kitchen decor. You can layer in a couple of pumpkins, add a fall-scented candle, an autumn-inspired sign and a vase full of …

Universal Furniture partners with Erinn Valencich for April debut

HIGH POINT – Universal Furniture has announced its new partnership with L.A.-based interior designer and real estate developer, Erinn Valencich of Erinn V. Design Group. The furniture manufacturer and designer will debut the first collection at High Point Market in April.

The collection will be titled Erinn V x Universal and will contain furnishings in both case goods and upholstery for living room, dining room, bedroom and home office.

“We’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Erinn and develop something that showcases the evolution of styling at Universal,” said Neil MacKenzie, Universal vice president of marketing. “Erinn’s work in design ranges from product to a variety of luxury interior projects. These experiences influenced the project and we are excited to showcase our work together this spring at market.”

“After designing furniture for nearly 20 years, I wanted to partner with a company that makes a terrific product at a great price point, so I can share my design aesthetic with a broader audience,” said Valencich. “Universal Furniture is the best I’ve seen at what they do.”

Erica Crawford, associate editor for Furniture Today, is a recent graduate of the University of Iowa, with a degree in English and a

Renovate Your Rental With These Easy + Reversible Upgrades

If granted the ability to go back in time, I would zoom straight back to when my boyfriend and I signed the lease on our one-bedroom downtown apartment. We told each other we wouldn’t invest in design decisions that were “too involved,” because we’d only stay for a year or two tops. Why go through all the hassle if we’d have to undo it all come moving day? Fast forward to today, going on 3 years in the same apartment, amidst a global pandemic that meant staying home more than we ever could’ve expected – and we’ve learned the hard way just how worthy an investment renovating our rental would be. Let our story be a cautionary tale for fellow renters out there: renovating your rental is 100{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd} worth the time, elbow grease, and probable back-and-forth with your landlord. Because you deserve a space that feels like home, even if it’s not for forever. With a little bit of creativity and the right modern home decor, you can makeover your rental space without any fuss, read on to learn how.

Cover Your Floors

If you’re not loving the flooring in your space, you’ll be amazed at the difference large area

Herman Miller reintroduces the Nelson Cane Bench

The updated Nelson Cane Bench, which is available in three sizes, can be used for sitting or as a surface for books or artful objects.

CHICAGO — After 70 years, Herman Miller has revived the Nelson Cane Bench from the historical archives.

“I’m thrilled that this lesser-known piece is being revived for a second act,” said Amy Auscherman, MillerKnoll director of archives and brand heritage. “George Nelson and his associates had an incredible range. They could execute designs that were full of whimsy and play, as well as designs that were elegant and simple. The Cane Bench is a perfect example of the latter, and I think an important piece that extends the iconic Nelson bench oeuvre.”

In 1952, designer George Nelson, looking to build off the positive reception to his recently created Platform Bench, unveiled a fresh take on the popular piece using mixed materials and a slimmer, lighter profile. The new Nelson Cane Bench had the same finesse as the Platform Bench but with a warmer touch.

The reissued piece stays true in both form and material to the original. Featuring a cane seat with more give than the slatted wood of the Platform, the bench’s construction includes

London PR Firm Zetteler Gets Colorful, Deaf-Friendly Headquarters

Sabine Zetteler, founder of PR and consultancy firm Zetteler, is typically sharing other people’s work as part of her job. This time, she’s welcoming people into Zetteler’s new London-based headquarters, designed in collaboration with Rhonda Drakeford of Studio Rhonda. Two important factors that needed to be considered were Sabine’s severe conductive hearing loss and her desire for all materials used to be vegan. Sabine and Rhonda worked together to tackle both challenges by incorporating materials and partitions to create a deaf-friendly space, along with sourcing vegan alternatives for paint, fabrics, and even non animal-derived glues. The end results are a transformed office space that’s more flexible for new ways of working post-pandemic, as well as visually enticing with color shifts designating various zones.

The new modern space both serves as the comms agency’s new offices and its surrounding community of start-ups, charities, journalists, and creatives. Located in Hackney, East London, the design-focused HQ houses a once-empty white unit, aka a black canvas. Multiple zones serve various functions, each with its own color, for client meetings, strategy-planning sessions journalist events, and workshops.

The color palette ranges from soothing tones to rich shades that work together, from duck-egg blue to