JuniperMarket offers in-person experience centers at winter markets

LAS VEGAS – Attendees of this week’s Atlanta Market and the upcoming Las Vegas Market will have the opportunity to interact in person with International Market Center’s newly-launched online marketplace, JuniperMarket.

The IMC will host market kickoff events and JuniperMarket experience centers for current users and new registrants during the two markets.

“We approached the online marketplace from the perspective of a company that’s been connecting buyers in B2B wholesale for many years,” said Bill Furlong, Juniper CEO, in a recent press conference. “The cornerstone categories are the ones where IMC has been a leading marketplace for a long time: home décor, furniture, gift and lifestyle.”

Furlong said the IMC’s approach to JuniperMarket was to build an online marketplace that makes the businesses of buyers, vendors and agencies stronger and not to displace or disrupt them.

“Our goal is to leverage technology to make it dramatically easier for buyers and sellers to discover, connect and transact with one another,” he added. “Online and physical marketplaces work well together and deliver more value together than either of them do on their own.”

The new marketplace offers more than 1,500 brands with a total of more than three million SKUs of which