Day: January 14, 2022

A 1960s Ettore Sottsass Apartment Reconstructed in Milan

The Triennale Milano recently opened a permanent exhibition dedicated to iconic Italian designer Ettore Sottsass. Sala Sottsass, located at Palazzo dell’Arte, consists of a reconstructed version of Casa Lana, a private Milanese residence designed by Memphis Group founder Sottsass in the 1960s. In addition to Casa Lana, various exhibitions and events are being held to celebrate the designer’s works and ideas. The exhibition is now open to the public thanks to a donation by Sottsass’ widow, Barbara Radice Sottsass. For more information on Casa Lana, visit

The exhibition shows the core of the original apartment featuring a wooden structure with built-in sofas arranged in a U-shape in order to create a private place to talk or listen to music. Above the seating is a series of integrated shelves for storage, along with perforated screens that allow light through. In Domus in 1967, Sottsass described how the spaces around the core were optimized for different purposes and by doing away with corridors, “a little piazza is created, where one can move and meet.”

Today Triennale Milano is giving the world a wonderful surprise: the faithful reconstruction of a part of Ettore Sottsass’s Casa Lana, a ‘room within

Education Personnel Services: Because Quality Education Is A Right, Not A Privilege

The recent global economic challenges have provided many lessons for world leaders to learn from-after all, in the wake of a crisis, the only way to rebuild is to be a student and learn from one’s mistakes. One of the most significant points that have surfaced is the importance of prioritising quality education for all.Unisma Having a learned and enlightened mindset, as pro-education experts have always known, is an essential tool for nation building. A generation that is armed with a critical and enquiring mind and tools for analysis can help economies grow, recover and prosper to fulfil their full potential.

This renewed focus on the value of education has encouraged schools and learning institutions to make their teaching and management quality even more top-notch. By availing of education personnel services, they are able to evaluate their current policies and systems and reassess which areas need enhancement or improvement. Schools will be able to identify the right recruitment and selection process that will ensure them that the teachers and school staff they recruit will be aligned with current academic goals and the needs of the student population. Meanwhile, performance management and employee relations programmes, workshops and recommendations can make

MLK Jr. Day of Service

In honor of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service on Monday, Jan. 17, 2022, the Home Accents Today offices will be closed.

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