Day: January 7, 2022

An 1890’s Brooklyn Townhouse Transformed for Modern Times

Brooklyn-based architecture and design studio Civilian flipped the script and became their own clients in order to create their ideal family home. The studio founders Ksenia Kagner and Nicko Elliott transformed the inside of an 1890’s townhouse by updating the layout for modern times and adding contemporary + vintage details and colorful accents throughout. The Bedford-Stuyvesant Townhouse now features a switched floor plan with the bedrooms moved to the garden level and the kitchen and living spaces moved up to the parlor level. The public spaces benefit from the tall ceilings, restored fireplace, crown molding, and ceiling medallions.

modern renovated kitchen with white painted brick wall

A red hood over the stove makes a bold statement in the kitchen against a painted brick wall.

modern kitchen view of light wood cabinets

Floor-to-ceiling maple cabinets are installed in the kitchen and dining area, which includes a writing desk, storage, wet bar, and built-in fridge. A steel island with marble countertop provides extra counter space and storage.

modern townhouse renovated with modern details

two people facing each other, one standing and the other sitting at desk

CIVILIAN’s Ksenia Kagner and Nicko Elliott

Maple bookshelves and cabinets are also used on the living room side of the parlor, built back-to-back with the kitchen cabinets. A passageway is left open between the two spaces.

In the living room, a 1970s Gae Aulenti for Knoll sofa and chair set

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