Day: February 16, 2021

Bradley L Bowers Wallpaper Is Inspired by Optical Illusions

New Orleans-based designer Bradley L Bowers and his eponymous design studio have created a new wallpaper collection that’s inspired by optical illusions. Titled the Moire Collection, it consists of four different designs: Striae, Melange, Ripple, and Mirage. Scientifically, moire is a pattern/effect that occurs when two fine patterns are combined. In Bowers’ collection, the wallpapers highlight the scientific principles relating to visual depth and movement in a moire pattern. The results are visually stunning onscreen and even more so when activated in a space.

Striae / Brass

Bowers’ shares,

This collection is a true labor of love. I am a firm believer in the magic that objects have to transform and improve our homes and our lives. If we dare to make things more exciting and more vibrant, good things will follow.

Striae / Frost

Mirage / Ormolu

Bowers started the collection on the computer using various algorithms and scripts to create bold and vibrants patterns. From there, he would experiment with a set of parametric patterns and adjust them to achieve different compositions. Striae gives the illusion of a solid color but is actually created using a variety of hues and tones that overlap to create a “color”

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Backyard Furniture

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Along with the recycled memorabilia from past White Homes, some new pieces reflected Bush’s roots. A pair of spurs were on show in addition to three landscapes of Texas by the impressionist painter, Julian Onderdonk (1882-1922). Bush also displayed a portray known as A Charge to Preserve” which was the title of his first autobiography. The title comes from the name of a Methodist hymn written by Charles Wesley, which was performed at Bush’s inauguration as governor of Texas.

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Portrait: Paul Thompson | Home Accents Today

Designer Paul Thompson oversees product development and design for key accounts and brand partners at Global Views and Studio A Home and is a longtime visual merchandising expert. He spoke with Home Accents Today about what it takes to bring a showroom to life, the challenges of working virtually and his current focus on product development.

You have spent your visual merchandising career in the home furnishings industry. Was it always your intention to focus on that business?

No.  I spent time in high school and college working in retail and learned early the power of presentation. Moving to New York City in the mid 80’s, working in the performing arts and theater management, I somehow found opportunity in wholesale visual merchandising for Christmas importers and retailers.  Like so many opportunities in my life, visual merchandising was presented to me as an opportunity of the moment that took on a life of its own.

You have been credited with dramatically transforming showrooms and bringing them to life. What do you think are the key elements to a great showroom presentation?

Having a point of view that is unique and fresh; setting yourself apart from the competitors is so important. This