Day: February 11, 2021

Rapt Studio’s The Schoolhouse for Google Lays Out a Curriculum for Learning

As a formal field, neuroaesthetics is a fairly new realm of neuroscience exploring the effects of visual stimuli and the aesthetic experiences, studying these effects upon human neurobiological perspective. The field operates under the unifying principle that the perception of a stimulus is directly related to the physical properties of that sensory input. In more simple terms, it’s a way for scientists, architects and designers to develop interior spaces furnished with multi-sensory components to cue our conscious and unconscious mind and spur engagement – a highly desirable effect when teaching and learning are the goal – the foundational purpose of The Schoolhouse within Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

The Schoolhouse was established as part of The Google School for Leaders, an internal initiative plotted to help the company’s team develop skillsets and mindsets activated by “the principles of neuroaesthetics”. Within the space, decor, objects, color, plants, and the interior space itself are purposefully designed to motivate participants and educators “to move, push, rotate, touch, change, and personalize their experience.”

Compared to traditional staid meeting spaces, The Schoolhouse’s interior is intended to be altered according to needs: sofas and plants sit on wheels; bookshelves spin; curtains lift; and an assortment

Retail Star spotlight: Timothy De Clue Collection

Home Accents Today’s Retail Stars list recognizes independent brick-and-mortar retailers of home accents – including furniture stores, home accessories boutique stores and interior design showrooms – that merchandise creatively, have a positive presence in their local communities and stand out from the competition.

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Timothy De Clue Collection


1 store

Estimated 2019 total sales: $1 million-$2.9 million

Home accent, bedding and furniture specialist, founded in 2011. The overall concept is a 3,600-square-foot “mini” home décor department store. Key suppliers include Alder & Tweed for accent furniture; Go Home and Mercana for decorative accessories; Flow Décor and Sagebrook Home for lamps/lighting; Paragon and Mercana for wall décor; Timothy De Clue Collection and Ann Gish for soft goods. Attends Las Vegas Market and international shows. Visual merchandising scheme is nature-inspired and grouped by theme. Carries a proprietary line of luxury linens made in Italy, currently working on wholesale line of bedding. Best retail idea has been creating exclusive product lines that fit cohesively with merchandise lines from other vendors. Mixing the two creates excitement and lends heft to displays, which drives

Ideas For Dwelling Decor

For these of you who know me, you already know that I’m frugal to the core. Thanks for sharing this step-by-step how-to article. It appears simple, however I’ve to admit that I did not think of the plastic to protect from over spray the last time I sprayed my wicker furnishings. It killed my grass. I might have saved my grass if I had learn this hub earlier than I tried that undertaking. Thanks once more. Water properly, and place the backyard container in full sun. Water when the soil feels dry, about each other day. Pressure cushions are specially designed to forestall elderly individuals getting bedsores from sitting on a hard floor. They are often the same form and dimension as the cushion on the armchair and simply swapped. They are also really useful for wheelchair users, and put on the wheelchair even if the person is simply in it for a short period of time.

Another tip to cat-proof furnishings is to cover worthwhile furniture with blankets or ornamental furnishings covers. One commentator on this subject was emphatic that kittens love to hang from furnishings with their claws and that it’s certain to occur one time or one …