HPxD, High Point Showroom Assn. merge

HPxD, High Point Showroom Assn. merge

SPLASHWORKS. Photo: Ron Royals

HIGH POINT — Two complementary groups of flagship showrooms, the High Point Showroom Assn. and High Point x Design (HPxD), founded independently to support interior designers’ more frequent on-demand buying patterns in between the twice-yearly High Point Market, have merged. The new consolidated entity will be known as HPxD.

Cass Key

“Simply put, we are stronger together,” said Cass Key, Woodbridge Furniture creative director and HPSA president. “I like to think about our customer. An interior designer isn’t likely to travel to High Point to visit one or two showrooms. Sixty? That’s a compelling reason to come, shop, stay and discover the whole city.”

The HPSA, known for its biannual Designer programs and monthly Designer Wednesdays, has been around for decades. HPxD formed last spring to meet designers where they are. These showrooms are open outside traditional High Point Market dates by appointment, during special events or daily. Some HPxD showrooms are open exclusively to the trade; others are allowing design enthusiasts to have the brand experience too.

Tom Van Dessel. Photo: Ron Royals

Tom Van Dessel, owner of Splashworks, a home décor company with custom print capabilities, and HPxD chairman, feels change happening and said