Day: January 25, 2021

Can live streaming bridge the e-tail/retail gap?

Al Sambar, left, Liyia Wu and Ophelia Ceradini.

HIGH POINT – In a retail environment where people are staying home to shop online more than ever, getting and keeping a consumer attention can be difficult. One new way that is on the rise? Live-stream video selling.

According to several experts in a session at the National Retail Federation’s annual retail conference NRF 2021, live-stream video selling is going to be a huge part of online shopping’s future.

Lauded by converts for its high customer engagement levels, relatability and ability to replicate in-store experiences, live-stream selling involves explaining, demonstrating and selling product on a live video that viewers can then purchase directly from through embedded links. It essentially gives sellers their own instant shopping channel, offering businesses the opportunity to sell directly, answer customer questions immediately, offer special deals, and involve different company personalities and even celebrities.

“This isn’t just about shopping,” said Liyia Wu, founder and CEO of China-based live-stream selling platform ShopShops. “This is about creating a live experience that you’re sharing authentically with an audience. They’re trying to find things that are interesting and excite their lives, so its about sharing your knowledge, your experience with the viewer,

Creating A Herb Garden

Don’t paint a teak bench. The Malm isn’t a foul mattress exactly. It definitely gets the job completed for less than a whole lot of different beds, but the squeak might have you ever able to chuck it. Before you do, try these steps. They may doubtless clear up your drawback, a minimum of temporarily. If the squeak comes again, repeat the steps as essential. All wooden swells and shrinks night and day, season to season, so the fact that the mattress loosens just isn’t a mirrored image on your means to place collectively furniture. It is inevitable. The most probably wrongdoer, nonetheless, is just not the wooden in any respect. It’s those darn metallic items beneath the mattress. Metal to metal motion, is an disagreeable and unwelcome sound. Fix it and sleep better.

I ought to have checked their advice before we planted a purple maple within the edge of our woods. We needed that splash of coloration towards the deep greens of the pine, beech, oaks, and regular maples. Unfortunately, the purple maple is having a hard time getting sufficient sun with all the bigger bushes round it. That makes it lean in the direction of the deck …