Day: January 19, 2021

A Tiny Apartment in Jakarta With a Neutral Palette and an Elevated Bed

Co+in Collaborative Lab transformed a tiny 27-square-meter (approx. 290-square-foot) apartment in Jakarta, Indonesia, by creating an open floor plan studio out of two small rooms. By knocking down the wall and elevating the bed, the owner has everything they need within one, uncluttered space, including a entryway, full-size kitchen, elevated “bedroom”, living/dining/guest space, wardrobe and storage room. A muted neutral palette of white, grey and wood create cohesion and tranquility, something much needed in smaller spaces.

The apartment is decked out with a smart home system, multipurpose storage that doubles as stairs to the bed, a sofa that becomes a bed, and a dining table that detaches from the TV unit, all helping to save space.

The bed contains lots of hidden storage along with open display shelves that showcase the owner’s favorite objects. The lit-up shelf also adds privacy to that end of the bed.

The space is fairly minimalist but with herringbone floors and the horizontal wood grain of the bed unit, there’s texture and warmth throughout.

Photos by Co+in Collaborative Lab.


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WithIt board of directors continues same posts for 2021

HIGH POINT — WithIt, the women’s leadership development network for the home and furnishings industry, is continuing with its board of directors in the same posts into 2021, with Lorri Kelley, principal of Lorri Kelley Advisors, as WithIt president for 2021.

In addition, two new members join the board for 2021: Paris Gholston, industry communications specialist with the Mattress Recycling Council, will serve as vice president of scholarship, and Madeline Brown, marketing manager for Sherrill Furniture Companies, will serve as vice president of networking.

“Our success during the past year has been the result of an active, dedicated board of directors who worked tirelessly to preserve our resources while fulfilling the mission of WithIt,” says Lorri Kelley. “This year we will build upon those successes we realized throughout a difficult 2020 to ensure this important organization is stronger, more resilient and more relevant than ever before.”

The 2021 board of directors includes:

  • Chairman: Lark Shirley-Stevens, executive director of marketing & membership, Furniture First
  • President: Lorri Kelley, president, Lorri Kelley Advisors
  • Vice President/President Elect: Renee Loper-Boyd, vice president marketing, International Market Centers
  • Second Vice President: Emily Severson, VP of supplier relations,
  • Secretary: Bonnie Wallace, operations manager, IHFRA
  • Treasurer: Jamie White,

Raven And Crow Symbolism And Which means

One of the best time to transplant tomato seedlings from a pot to your garden is when they are between 5 and 8 weeks previous, and nicely after the final frost in your space. For newbies, newbies, or experts rising an natural backyard can be robust. However with these helpful tools and hints I hope to enlighten and encourage every and everybody of you to try to create your own natural vegetable garden. Just as people have enjoyed transferring the herringbone sample to beadwork, wire work, and furniture, folks have additionally transferred the sample to paper merchandise. There are a selection of playing cards and journals with herringbone prints out there. For those who enjoy designing their own playing cards or other paper crafts, contemplate a herringbone print for your subsequent project.

When my equipment arrived, I laid out the pieces on the bed room ground, sat on a big cushion, and found out what structure would work best for Froggy Isabella and Shotgun Willie. These two have been immediately interested in the challenge. No sooner had I taken the Penthouse Cover out of the wrappings than Froggy had claimed it for her own. She marched to it, crawled contained …