Day: January 18, 2021

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For those of you who know me, you already know that I am frugal to the core. See the video to view Stan Hywet’s autumn magnificence. Admittedly, tree foliage coloration steals the show, and our flowers play a background role at that time. Strong showings are made by purple and pink asters, golden and varied colored chrysanthemums, however should you pay shut consideration you will find there are numerous others whether the wild look of goldenrods or the brilliant blues of leadwort. My favorite pastime in autumn Ohio is to walk among the many trees in flaming colours of fall. Oak and pine have been the preferred woods of selection for the furnishings makers of the Jacobean era. Chairs would often have cut up spindles, bulbous Spanish carved ft, and rush seats. Chests, massive cabinets, and trestle tables were embellished with Flemish scrolls, ornately carved panels, and ornamental twists. These design elements made the massive Jacobean pieces appear very formal and stately.

Raised garden beds do have some drawbacks. It’s tougher to weed the steep sides of the beds, and so they do dry out more quickly in summer season. Growing on the flat in drier instances could be a …

NRF: Holiday 2020 sales better than expected

WASHINGTON—Holiday sales at furniture and home furnishings stores were up 2.2{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd}, part of an unexpectedly robust November-December holiday selling period, the National Retail Federation reported late last week.

Overall, sales grew an “unexpectedly high” 8.3{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd} over the same period in 2019 to $789.4 billion, exceeding the NRF’s holiday forecast despite the economic challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. The numbers include online and other non-stores sales, which were up 23.9{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd} at $209 billion.

NRF had forecast that sales during the 2020 holiday season — defined as Nov. 1 through Dec. 31 — would increase between 3.6{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd} and 5.2{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd} over 2019 to a total between $755.3 billion and $766.7 billion. The forecast called for online sales to increase between 20{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd} and 30{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd} to between $202.5 billion and $218.4 billion. The numbers exclude automobile dealers, gasoline stations and restaurants.

NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said consumers shifted into high gear in December, giving the holiday season a strong finish that could be a good sign for the continuing recovery of the economy this year. The 8.3{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd} holiday season increase was more than double the 3.5{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd} average holiday increase over the previous five years, including 2019’s 4{2b694241afe913bbe4076d34ac32a9acff19d6f186473c8db19075f1bb6af8dd} gain.

Retail sales during December were