Day: January 6, 2021

Hemp Headphones, Kimchi Jars, Design Communes + More

1. I used the holiday break to finally get started on a few home improvement projects that have wallowed far too long in the “one day” list. More than a few required the aid of a mechanical pencil to mark a drill point or draw a line for cutting, and also a pen for writing down measurements. The Onyx No.2 Mechanical Pen with its 2-in-1 design incorporating both a #2 pencil and pen within would have definitely simplified matters.

2. If you’re wondering how these Grado Hemp Headphones sound, let me note a friend who recently borrowed my pair swore, “I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before!” They’re definitely my go-to for daily evening “deep listening” sessions. Credit their agreeable performance to Grado’s hand assembled attention to detail and the inclusion of hemp wood, supposedly responsible for creating a damping effect and balanced sound. I also love the swirly-grained organic style that sets itself apart from the crowd.

3. Los Angeles ceramicist Eunbi Cho’s Dokdae Little Kimchi Jar is the sort of lovingly crafted purposeful art I love to be surrounded with at home – a little bit traditional, but identifiably contemporary. This piece is inspired by Korean

RoomMates Decor 2021 names Color of the Year

RoomMates Decor​, the peel and stick division of York Wallcoverings, revealed its 2021 Color of the Year: ​Green Aloe​. Green Aloe is accompanied by a palette of three additional colors — Cali Coral, Painted Desert, and Aqua Pura​ — that speak to biophilic design and trends in fashion.

“We selected Green Aloe as the RoomMates Color of the Year for a variety of reasons that all speak to  what our customer is feeling right now: a desire for change, positivity, evolution, and a fresh start,” said  Pierre-Jean Delaye, President of RoomMates. “It was important to us to capture the bold motion of 2021 as  we move past an incredibly challenging year — but at the same time, we wanted to tap into the anchoring,  healing power of nature and its many facets. This influenced our decision to expand into a full Biophilic  Palette.

Like Green Aloe, each color in RoomMates’ 2021 palette is rooted in biophilic design. Painted Desert is a rich earth tone that speaks to solid ground, stability, and spirituality. Aqua Pura offers the therapeutic, restorative effects of water in motion, and is a versatile hue that bridges the crossroads of pastels, brights, seafoam green tones, and mid-level

Changing The Batteries In Solar Garden Lights

Who would not like to have their dwelling give the sensation of heat and welcoming climates like Jamaica or the like? You may also use leather-based and fabric for a sofa or chair. I at all times suggest to those that they stay in a home a full year before deciding on colours in order that they’ll know what pure gentle they get in any respect seasons. I solely have two herbs in my garden. the pandan and ginger. Great lens! Thanks for sharing. Why? Because it does not look precisely like the original. You will come to hate that piece, because you recognize that it’s a cheap imitation of what the designer intended. Do not get me fallacious, there are a lot of reproductions which can be pretty much as good, and in some instances higher than the originals (we promote reproductions as properly). The issue is not essentially within the supplies used, it’s primarily within the design.

Thanks, alocsin. A number of decorating is widespread sense (at the least in case you’re an beginner), however I know individuals who’ve tried to “shock” their children with a new room, and it not often works out. Collaboration is greatest. To …